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Born of our desire to serve,

and forged by war,

Veterans we are, 

Guardians we shall always be,

forever Vigilant.


Welcome to the Vigilant Guardians Veterans Motorcycle Club of Minnesota.  We are the only "VMC"  in the State of Minnesota.  Each one of our members has earned their place at our great table through blood, sweat, and a fierce commitment.  This is our badge of honor.   We  strive to be the best  at what we do both in our personal lives and through our actions as a Veterans Motorcycle Club.


Our membership is open to all services, but it is never a given, nor is our membership handed out like candy.  In true loyal fashion, it is earned.  Want to know more about us and what we do, reach out to one of us or drop us a line below. Please respect that, and we will respect you.

The primary focus of our club is to provide the best support to our fellow Veteran community in times of need or crisis.  This includes their families.   We leave no one behind and we will never drift from that commitment.  Our mission as a club is continuously evolving and we are always looking for innovative ways to provide support to our Veteran community. We believe strongly in keeping things local in order to bring positive Veteran focused actions within our communities. 


True Faith | One Club | Mad Respect


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