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The Vigilant Guardians Veterans Motorcycle Club of Minnesota

We were founded on Veterans only membership and will forever remain that way. We operate as a traditional Motorcycle Club but never forget our Military Heritage while wearing our "VMC" cube.  Each of our patches earns that right through blood, sweat, and tears.  We honor the path that our fellow Coalition Clubs in the M/C community have paved in the past. We acknowledge fellow Veterans amongst all clubs we stand alongside, and honor all that have served.  These traditions of the M/C community have always aligned with traditions we will forever preserve.


We are a 501c (3) Non-profit Fraternal Organization.  We are always looking for like-minded Veterans that have the passion to ride and support their Brothers and Sisters in Arms, along with their families in times of need. We ride, we hang out, we have good times, and we enjoy the company of people of honor,


Our membership is open to males of Active duty, Reservists, and Veterans from all services. Your service and daily life must have been, and continue to be, honorable.  We have no time for drama, and expect our membership to be productive members within their families, work environments, communities, and society as a whole.







What we promise to always provide for our Veterans and their Families within our communities:


Over 85% of the money we raise goes towards Veterans and their families of Minnesota – any and all Active Duty, Army and Air Guard, and all Reserve units of Minnesota are supported. Our internal operating costs are keep to a strict minimum in order to maximize your donations to where it is needed the most, with Minnesota Veterans and their affected families.


We accomplish these things by -


  • Vehicle Donations.  In the last few years we have provided much needed transportation for a few families with children needing a reliable automobile to get them through tough times.  These vehicles were typical donated by great people that wanted to channel their help through us and the veteran community. 


  • Helping with paying for (or providing) home repair, clean up, school supplies and transportation of Veterans and their families across MN. 


  • Disabled Veterans Hunts. Food and transportation costs are reimbursed by our club.  One of our members is an avid outdoorsman, and enjoys giving back to the Veterans by providing an annual hog hunt down south, along with donating venison back in order to provide meals during the Camp Ripley Muzzleloader hunts.  It is becoming a tradition for our club to provide the food and listen to the many memories that these Veterans are willing to share.


  • Providing financial assistance to Veterans and their families within the state of MN during times of need. Our club vowed last year to change the way we give during the holidays.  Last year, we directly impacted over numerous families both during the holidays and throughout the year by helping them in times of financial hardship; paying utility bills, vehicle repairs, doctor bills, rent, vehicle insurance, propane fills, or assistance with mortgage payments. Every year we work to double that in any way possible.


  • Maximizing our resources and provide the best coverage for our Veterans as possible, we continue work closely and directly with other legitimate Veterans organizations that are also 501(c)3 qualified and vetted through proper channels.  Our County Veterans Service Officers, local VFW's, American Legions, Minnesota Assistance Counsel for Veterans (MACV) are some of our best partners and most trusted agents in helping combat Veterans issues across the state.

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